Sports Mental Performance

Maximise Your Potential

I work with a number of professional athletes from a variety of sports as well as aspiring younger athletes looking to make the steps towards professional sports.

The body and health of a professional  health is rarely in doubt but the mind is frequently neglected.

I use NLP and Hypnotherapy techniques to help professional athletes get the most from their training and performance. Having been a European Champion myself I understand better than most the stresses that an athlete faces mentally better than any other sports physchologist.

I understand the challenges that face athletes today from the pressure of performance through, the dangers of social media and the ways money can be a blessing and a curse.

Everyone is an individual with their own circumstances but the general themes I work with clients on are:

  • Achieve the peak performance mindset at the right time

  • Maximum motivation

  • Self belief

  • Anxiety and stress

  • Dealing with crisis

  • Visualisation

  • Confidence

  • Creating a plan to ensure mental mastery.

I have worked with GB athletes, rugby players, footballers, boxers and MMA fighters to date.

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