Executive Coaching

Invest in your personal development today

I am an executive coach who works with top C-Suite individuals and those looking to start their own business and work on a wide range of subjects depending on the client.

I am a qualified Executive Coach with 5 star reviews and an accredited Fellow of the ACCPH, an honour bestowed on very few practitioners who have been selected by a committee based on their performance and expertise. 

Some of the common areas I work on are outlined in more detail below:

  • Performance Anxiety

  • Imposter Syndrome

  • Becoming an awesome public speaker

  • Dealing with stress and anxiety

  • Mental and Physical Health

I use a range of techniques and tools to help you achieve your goals and ensure you fulfil your dreams and goals.


Performance Anxiety and Public Speaking

Let nothing hold you back

Performance Anxiety can hold you back in your quest to the top. From public speaking, communicating with senior colleagues to interview nerves it's something we all have experienced at times.

Using Coaching, NLP and hypnosis techniques I can help re-wire you to never be held back again and provide you with unstoppable confidence. There are a wide range of techniques I can use on you to help with this and techniques I can give you to take away yourself.

Stressed Woman

Stress, Anxiety and Imposter Syndrome

Become a positive unstoppable force

Life in senior positions can be tough. Balancing workloads, family, health can be difficult. That's where coaching can help take a holistic view of your life and set goals to get the balance right.

I can help you remove your anxiety, stress and self doubt by using a range of tools such as NLP tools (like EFT, theta brainwave anchoring, sub modality shifts and others) and hypnosis and build a new, more confident you.